Get to know me

My name is Christa, I live in Kentucky, I am in my 30’s , married and  mother of 2 boys.  I work as an Instructional Assistant at an elementary school. So basically my whole world revolves around my family,  my kids, other peoples kids, etc. which I LOVE.

I started by doing some couponing, requesting free samples and finally ran across some product review and word-of-mouth marketing sites. Receiving a full size product my family and I could use was a very exciting idea to me and my budget and that is how all this began. I wish I could say I really take this seriously and earn tons of free stuff, but really it is just a hobby and something I like to do to maybe get to try out a product I would otherwise not have known about or been willing to spend the money on trying. I hope by sharing this blog other people like me can learn about new products and earn some great stuff.