RXBAR protein bars

I was introduced to the RXBAR brand by being a member of Crowdtap (www.crowdtap.com). I was chosen to sample the bars and give my honest opinion and review the products. The sample kit I received contained coupons for a free box of rxbars, a box of rxbar kids, several $2.00 off coupons and a sample bar of each rxbars kids flavor. Which are Berry Blast, Chocolate Chip and Apple Cinnamon Raisin.


I love the simple, kid and parent friendly look of these bars. The main ingredients are clearly printed on the package and the bright colors and fun smiley fruit/chocolate gives them a kid-approved look. I imagined these to be like granola-type bars I had tried before but these bars have a totally unique look, taste and texture. Its more of a chewy bar but not sticky to hold. The berry blast ended up being the favorite flavor of both of my children, one said it tasted like a fruit roll-up. (I have 2 boys ages 11 and 14) At first, the look of the bars did make them somewhat hesitant to try them, but once they tasted the bars they were hooked. They both liked he chocolate one alright and neither cared for the apple cinnamon, but to be fair that’s just not a flavor that either one of them care for in any product. I ended up eating the rest of that bar and really enjoyed it. I also used my free box coupon to purchase another box of the berry flavored kids bars and I chose peanut butter as my other box. I really liked it. It was almost like biting into a chewy  & crunchy peanut butter candy bar. Think, snickers minus the chocolate, but healthier.


When I went to go redeem my coupons I was curious where I could buy the bars. I used the store locator on their site which pulled up Meijer and Kroger. While both of those stores had individual bars for sale they did not have whole boxes. I finally was given a tip to look at Target and sure enough they had a large selection of RXbars. They are about average to maybe a little higher than the cost of some other bars but I think they are worth it knowing that what I’m feeding to my kids and trying to do a better job at clean eating. I’m kind of regretting not picking up those blueberry ones as well. May have to on my next trip.


I can not get over how simple the ingredients are in these bars…no mono..suco..dexto (my made up artificial ingredient word)…junk. All words I recognize, can pronounce and know are good for me and my family. Most bars contain 130-210 calories and a large amount of protein. (The berry blast kids contains 7g protein).  They contain no gluten, dairy or added sugar but are made in a plant that produces peanuts, tree nuts, milk and soy so be aware of that if you are looking for allergy friendly products.

I think these bars are great for a quick breakfast, an on the go snack, a pre or post workout nutrition bar or an after-school snack that is wholesome and filling. They would be a great addition to a kids school lunch box as well.  I really enjoyed trying out these bars and can’t wait to try even more flavors.

  • I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.
  • All opinions are 100% my own



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