Seventh Generation Dishwasher Pacs

I was send this full size bag of Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus dishwasher pacs for being a member of the Generation Good community (Check it out on My first impression was that the packaging was clean and bright and easy to read, the packaging gives lots of information and shows the powerful action of the pacs. With its resealable packaging, you don’t have to worry about them spilling out or little ones getting into them. (although, obviously, kids are smart so don’t let your ninja babies get into them, I’m sure its possible)

The pacs are filled with a powder detergent that is white on one side and blue on the other, a mix of enzymes and oxygen bleach to get your dishes the ultimate clean.


Ultra Powerful


The pacs have a light citrus scent that is clean and refreshing but not overly strong. The scent has no synthetic fragrances and is a USDA certified bio-based product, so it’s au-natural!

Now on to the best part….does it work. In short, YES!! I have a major issue with my glass cups looking foggy or spotty after being through the dishwasher, but I noticed with this detergent I noticed clearer glass and no more water spots!! I have 2 kids that don’t believe in rinsing out anything but God love them sometimes I do bribe them into loading the dishwasher so a lot of times we end up washing dishes a second time because there is food still stuck on a plate or in a bowl.  However, when I have used these pacs I have not had any issues with stuck on food. I believe the emzymes in this product really work at losening and removing stuck on food. I am spending less time rewashing or rinsing out dishes after they have been through the dishwasher.

The bag I received contains 18 pacs that easily fit in the detergent dispenser of the dishwasher. I love that there is no mess from spilling liquid or powder detergent and no measuring or guessing how much to use.

I will be using this product from now on because it is more natural and healthier for my family and its Da-Bomb at getting my dishes clean the first time. So go get ya some, yo! (sorry for my bad slang, but I’m a mom.) *I received this product for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

#GenerationGood #GotItFree


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