RoC Multi-Correxion 5-in-1 Night Cream

RoC Multi-Correxion 5-in-1 night cream contains hexinol technology. This is an anti-aging compound that targets 5 signs of aging: discoloration, sagging, moisture loss, dull skin tone and wrinkles. As I start to get older I have noticed signs of all of these problems so I was fascinated by a product that would help with all of these issues. I tried the night cream after washing my face at night and liked that once you applied it it was really light and airy and didn’t feel thick or sticky. It goes on clear and dries quickly so its not like you are wearing a mask or have to keep your face from touching the pillow at night.

I have been using the night cream for just over a week now. While the product says women started to notice results in about 4 weeks, I can already tell somewhat of a difference in just over 8 days, mostly in the feel of my skin. It feels so much softer and smoother. I feel like my skin looks brighter and more moisturized. You can apply the night cream alone or under your favorite moisturizer. I love that this night cream is working while I sleep.

Loving the results so far. I will post before and after pictures after 4 weeks.

  • I received this product for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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