Blize Tec mosquito & insect repellent bracelet

Blize Tec Luminous Silicon mosquito & insect repellent bracelets come in a resealable pack containing 5 bracelets in various colors. Mine came with pink, red, green, blue and yellow. The bracelets are a silicon material so they easily stretch to wear on a wrist or ankle. I will say that I am somewhat petite and it did fit on my ankle okay, but was a little tight, so if you have larger legs or wrists, the size may be somewhat of an issue. I think it would fit but may be uncomfortable or tight. while it may not be quite as effective, if you were hiking or biking you could also attach this to a bag or somewhere on the bike to help with bites.

The resealable bag allows you to use the bracelets and then store them for several days. Each bracelet contains  30% citronella oil, which is a pure natural oil and does not contain Deet. which lasts approximately 5 to 7 days. The bracelets will loose effectiveness in the vicinity of perfume and alcohol.

Where I live has been very humid and we have had lots of rain this summer so it is a perfect place for mosquitoes to live and breed. We have been getting a ton of bites when outdoors especially in the evening hours. So to really put this to the test my son and I each wore a bracelet and went on an evening walk. He wore his on his arm and I wore mine on my ankle since that seems to be where I get bit most. He is 10 and the bracelet was a little loose, but not too loose to fall off or be an issue. We walked about about 45 mins. and came home and neither of us got bit while on our walk. The next day I mowed our back yard which usually results in me being bit a lot. I try to use regular bug spray, but it is irritating when you sweat, stinks and feels sticky, and seems to run off. While the bracelet does have a light citronella smell, it is not near as strong smelling as a spray. I couldn’t smell it at all while wearing it. Only when I sniffed the bracelet to see if it has a smell did I notice it.

These would be great for biking, camping, hiking, any outdoor activity, especially for kids who hate the smell and feel of traditional bug spray.

These bracelets are also luminous, so they are great for using at night.  while they are not going to provide much light, they are good for keeping up with each other when camping or hiking and fun for the kids as well.

These can be purchased on Amazon or the Blize Tec website for around $12.99


  • please excuse ugly foot photo 😉

* I received this product for a discounted price in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.



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