Viva Shea Butter

Viva Naturals Organic Shea Butter is amazing! It is organic and USDA certified. There are sooo many ways to use this product. I started by using it on dry parts of my legs and arms after showering, I applied a small (about dime size) amount to my elbows and knees and instantly they felt more moisturized and smooth. I went ahead and applied it all over my legs since they get really dry and it felt amazing. My legs were smoother and more soft than ever. This is perfect to apply after shaving. I also applied it to my lips like a lip gloss and it worked wonders. The Shea butter does not leave you feeling sticky or oily. I have even used it on the ends of my hair that get very dry and frizzy. I would not recommend putting this all over your hair unless you have very dry hair because it will make your hair very oily is applied near the roots. The shea butter is smooth and easy to apply, it doesn’t get hard or clumpy. Perfect for anywhere you get dry skin,it also makes a great cuticle cream for your hands! I would recommend this to anyone looking to cure dry skin and will purchase again in the future.

This was a 4oz. jar and I have used it so many times already but there is still a lot left. I little goes a long way but I keep thinking of so many more uses for this that next time I may have to get a bigger jar!


Shout out to a new (new to me anyway) site that I love and where I found this great deal., you can get free or discounted items in exchange for your Amazon review. Pretty cool! This was the first product I got from them so I am still figuring it all out but already got this free so its looking good!


This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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