Nickleodeon Crashletes


“Crashletes™ is a brand new series from producer Rob Dyrdek that is hosted by everyone’s favorite big kid, Rob Gronkowski. Crashletes™ premieres on July 5 at 7 pm EST and features 40-50 epic fails per episode. So kids from tall to small will get to enjoy all the fails they love with Gronk and his hilarious co-hosts.”  (this info is from the web site)

Nickelodeon Crashletes was so much fun to watch. Not only did the kids love it but the adults were laughing and getting into it too. My kids loved seeing all the hilarious fails and love sports so this is a fusion of 2 of their favorite things. My son thought the kid hitting his head on the slide was hilarious. He said that was his favorite. They love seeing the superstar hosts and loved the party favor posters, socks, shirt and footballs. They wanted to invited everyone they knew over to watch it with them. I love that it’s on Nickelodeon so I know that the language and graphics are appropriate and on kid-level. My kids love watching it on TV and online, they are 10 and 13 but I think younger and older kids would love it too, it’s so silly and totally fits my boy’s sense of humor.

I got to review this show because of a house party I applied and was chosen for. In our house party kit was the Crashletes DVD, a t-shirt, socks with funny foam fingers on them, mini soft footballs and 2 types of Crashletes posters. My boys loved all the goodies and shared the footballs with their party guests. Everyone laughed, ate, played and had a great time! My kids love this show and can’t wait to watch each new episode.

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