Battle Balloons

If you have ever spent hours filling and tying up water balloons only to see them all thrown and gone in about 10 seconds, you will love this product. We filled up the 120 water balloons in under a minute and that included the time twisting them on and off the water spout. It came in 3 bundles of 40 balloons each. This particular set is set up as a “battle” so it was a set of red, a set of blue and a set of green. I have seen ones where they are random colors as well. We had pretty good success in the water balloons filling up…I’d say of the 140, maybe 4 popped before they completely filled up. Pretty good since I cannot tell you how many I have individually filled and had them pop on me.

The water balloons just slide right off the little straws once they get full enough or you can give them a little shake if you want them to come off sooner. You may be able to tell from the photo that the red balloons are a little fuller than the blue. I let the red stay on the straws until they popped off on their own and we pulled off the blue ones just to see the difference. Really either way you go about it works fine. The smaller they are the harder it is to get them to pop obviously. I also recommend finding a tote or small laundry basket to store them in so they don’t go rolling around or popping on the ground.

I have seen these balloon sets from about 9-15 dollars depending on where you buy them. I lucked out and found a display of these at my local Kroger on sale for $4.99, the cheapest I have ever found them, so I had to grab them to try. While they are more expensive than the individual ones you can usually pick up for a buck or two, if you are usually the designated water balloon filler as I am, you will completely see the value in this product.

Now, I won’t lie to you and tell you this entertained the 5 boys at my house all day. This “battle” was approximately 5 minutes, but they loved every second of those 5 minutes.

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