Ameope Pedi-Perfect wet/dry

I get dry cracked heels and callouses on my toes. The Ameope Pedi-Perfect wet/dry worked wonders on my feet. It has 2 speeds which is perfect for the different types of skin on the feet. Faster for the rougher places and slower for more sensitive skin. I like that it can be used wet or dry. I really noticed how much smoother my skin was after using it in the shower. It is rechargeable so no changing out batteries. This is great for summer time when you are wearing more flip-flops and sandals and you want to get rid of that dry cracked skin on your heels. I use this a couple times a week and I can really tell that my feet feel more smooth and soft. My favorite way to use the pedi-perfect is in the bathtub or shower and then apply lotion right after, I feel that when I remove the dry, dead skin then use lotion I am getting the best results. The only criticism I have is that if you press down too hard it can stop the file from spinning, but once I played around with it for a while and figured out how much pressure to use I had no problems.

If you have men in your house and can convince them to try this I promise they (and you) will love it. My boys and husband use it regularly and I have never had to replace the scrubber part (not the technical word for it but you know what I mean..the part that does the work! lol).

At most stores these run around 60-ish dollars, but if you look at as less times you will need to go get that 20-30 dollar pedicure, its really worth it. If you do happen to have to replace the foot file it is around $20.

  • I received this product for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own. pedi-perfect

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